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Welcome to cee cee & ryan!

I'm excited that you've popped in to see our products and we do hope you love them!  I'm Christine, the Founder, and the other two in the name are the loves of my life (my husband and son). I created this company after years of being in the fashion industry and wanting to give it a try on my own.  But the biggest catalyst for this venture was becoming a mom. It's been an amazing adventure and have learned so much along the way.  My little guy teaches me something new everyday about life, about myself and he is my main driving force in building this business from the ground up.  When I created cee cee & ryan, my goal was simple - to develop affordable, quality designer diaper bags in timeless shapes with a modern flair.  I wanted something that could hold my things and the babies things without it screaming BABY!  I also wanted a bag that had a section for my things and one that could keep it all organized with lots of pockets while accommodating the changing needs as my baby grew.  My bags reflect everything I want and use them everywhere I go and get a lot of wonderful comments on them which I am so grateful for.  Oh, and PS...They are AMAZING for travel even if you don't have a child.  :)


Then came time to add the baby clothes collection. The best way to describe our style is...Playwear made for playdates with a hint of vintage and a twist of hipster in fun contemporary prints makes our collection of fashion for little's whimsical, casual and trendy in a world of its own.  Sourced and made in Los Angeles, we pride ourselves on quality, a unique voice that fills a void and our desire to support local business and the community of parenthood.  We're excited to continue to grow this category and add on more in the future.


Thank you for taking the time to look at our product and learning about who we are.  We love hearing from our customers so drop us a note anytime or send us a picture of your adventures with cee cee & ryan so we can brag about you!  And don’t forget to sign up for our Newsletter to receive special offers and follow us on social to have a bit of fun.  Trust me...we like to have fun!


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