Three Boys...Bases Loaded

by Heather O'Bryan October 18, 2016 1 Comment

Three Boys...Bases Loaded


Last summer, my husband and I took our 9 and 12 year old sons to watch their favorite team, the San Francisco Giants, and we promised them a big surprise. Arriving early, we led them down to the field and on to home plate. They were beyond excited to say the least! Dad reached into a duffle bag and pulled out custom Giants jerseys for the boys… O’Bryan #1 and #2 unfolded their jerseys and beamed with pride. There was quite a bit of confusion when a third (and tiny) jersey fell out unveiling O’Bryan #3. Was it for the dog? Did Dad’s shrink in the wash? What was going on? Within a moment the double and triple takes stopped and we embraced in one of the biggest hugs of my life. Perhaps even better than finding out they’d be big brothers was finding out it was another boy.

A trifecta! A trilogy! A triple-whammy-of-testosterone-fueled ‘tude! Whoa.

A year later, their month old baby brother is already a regular participant in evening wrestling matches—although the big boys do tone it down ever so slightly for him. He quickly adapted to his tribe and now it’s unimaginable that we ever didn’t have this third fella. Number 3 is all boy… he doesn’t want to get changed, loves being naked, and crawls his way to whatever is most perilous in our home. Throwing food, rolling balls, pulling safety covers off of outlets, and little baby farts result in roaring laughter from his big bros. He is most definitely one of the guys.

As the eldest of four sisters, I always imagined I’d have a daughter and finally put to good use my hair braiding skills and love of shopping. After the third installment of my Boy Trilogy I’ve accepted that I had a pack of guys completely disinterested (thus far) in either of those pursuits. The mere thought of having to shop for anything other than meat and chips at Costco can lead to severe heartache. My husband predominately spent his childhood in a household of women, so his desire to have sons was clear from the get go. On our wedding day his relatives expressed their blessings for a happy household full of boys and, apparently, my fate was sealed.

Being in the thick of it now, I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. One won’t let me leave his sight, one wants desperately to be helpful and one can’t wait to be free. Boys are truly curious creatures. I’m dumbfounded by the sheer amount of “liquids” that can’t seem to make it into the toilet and the stinky gym clothes that walk into my laundry room on their own every Friday. They are wondrously industrious people that can fashion anything out of Legos - toothbrush holders, toilet paper dispensers, Christmas ornaments, gift boxes, toothpicks, you name it.  It’s a walk of fire to make it through their room to kiss them goodnight! They’re goofy. And after they’ve “showered” and “brushed their teeth” I have to smell them to make sure these acts have “actually” taken place. We are at about 50% accuracy these days, a remarkable success from the days of dirt tans.

Some days, I feel I operate a fight club out of my living room. Others, I’m a short-order cook in a diner. Everyday there is nothing sweeter than seeing the forgiveness and bonding that follows up every battle and the big hugs of gratitude that follow up the colossal meals! They’re growing and occasionally something sticks. Just the other day I overheard #1 tell #2, “Don’t you love how easy it is to find things when our room is clean?” I almost fainted. Sure there are times when I am the odd woman out, but most days I feel I’m the heart of the home.  




Heather O'Bryan
Heather O'Bryan


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October 18, 2016

What a wonderful family you have — I love them all so much! And, you are the heart of the home as are all moms.
Your mom (and Grandma, of course)

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