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Honey Buns for Baby Buns  |  Skin Care

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Anyone that knows me, knows I am a Savannah Bee Co. addict. No…for real. I hear anyone say, “my hands are dry” and I am right there telling them about their Beeswax Hand Cream. Dry lips? “Oh…do I have a cure for you. You have to try Beeswax Lip Balm.” “What’s that you say? You love moisturized skin that feels soft, silky and has that healthy glow all day? Well who doesn’t? I say try their Body Butter and your wish is their command.” And with all the adult products they offer, you can get completely lost and obsessed with pretty much everything. But then, they buzz along with a new product and this time for our little ones…The Honey Buns Baby Kit. Isn’t that the cutest name? And along with that cute name comes some adorable and amazing products that I am head over heels for. As are my mommy friends. Just like their skin care line for adults, these body care products for baby do not disappoint in the least. So, I want to spread the word to those of you looking for extra special all natural skin care products for our little ones. And to top it off… it all comes with some pretty fabulous bonus items. This Honey Buns Baby Kit not only makes for a fabulous baby shower gift that a mom-to-be will love you for but it also comes with a zip pouch that is as cute as can be. And since I’m The Mom, I call DIBS! This adorable little bag definitely has my name all over it. I digress though…let me put my gushing aside just for a moment and get to the goods that baby gets to indulge in, shall we?

First let’s talk about the incredible smelling and soothing bar soap. A bath bar with the subtle fragrance of lavender and soft hints of honey. And in case you didn’t know, lavender is proven to be a calming scent for us humans so naturally what better time to use it on your little one than bed time bath. The scent is certain to help baby sleep and quite honestly, makes me relaxed in the process. Anything to help us moms sleep is genius! Mother nature is to blame for this one and we love her for it.



Next is this incredible Bumble Balm. It is amazing for the parts of baby that need extra care when they suffer from rough chafed skin. Be it from diapers to weather this balm is incredible and acts fast to help soothe and repair babies skin. No more red, scaly skin that even hurts me at the sight of it. I can’t imagine what baby is feeling…let alone thinking. Not good. But once you use this and see that frown turn upside down you know it’s working. This Balm is amazing!



Then there is one of my all-time favorites and that is Savannah Bee Co.’s famous body Butter. Oh…my… gosh do I love this stuff!!! It comes in the cutest little glass honey pot of pure yumminess. As with all of their products the smell is so subtle – honey mixed with the scent of wild flowers and sun. It literally makes you want to lay in a field where the purple, yellow and orange wild flowers sway under the sun on a beautiful breezy day. Sigh…I could day dream here all day long.



An amazing little addition to this kit is a really fabulous book that I like to refer to as the “Cliff Notes: A Parent’s Guide in the how’s, why’s and what’s of parenting.” It’s a great summary without reading the never-ending saga of opinions from a vast number of people you know nothing about. Written by two doctors who are pediatricians, they really cut to the chase and address the most common issues. Simplifies life with baby which us busy moms totally love and appreciate. It’s a really thoughtful addition to this wonderful kit of goodies.




Like all Savannah Bee products, these contain no petroleum, parabens, phthalates, harsh detergents, or synthetic ingredients. Natural is not a fad it is a necessity to our well-being and starting our babies off on the right foot gives them a healthy beginning in life. I for one, love that my son has the advantage of all these new and great products people, nutritionists and scientists are developing without the chemicals that can harm us in the short and long run. Nature made all these wonderful elements around us that brilliant minds turned into products that help us in a way nature was intended. Like the saying goes, “Nature has a cure for everything.” And we agree! Bees play a crucial part in the fabric of our lives. So…when you see a busy little bee buzzin’ around give them a mental high five because without them, our world would be at a loss.




(And…yes….it goes with me wherever I go, well, except for the soap. That stays with the tub.)



Oh WAIT…how can I forget to tell you about their ridiculously delicious Whipped Honey Chocolate? OMGosh. Cook with it, stir it into your coffee or tea, plop it on top of some vanilla bean ice cream or be like me, when that evil sugar tooth comes out to play, load up a huge spoonful and just eat it. It is that good! Dessert done right! Curbs all sugar cravings plus it’s natural, good for you and did I say it’s super yummy? Who can argue with that? Certainly not I.





Christine Founder/Owner of cee cee & ryan baby bags ~ mom to a funny and amazing boy ~ wife to a pretty rad husband


Disclaimer:  This is not a paid advertisement and I was not asked to write on behalf of Savannah Bee Company. These are my own view points based on my personal experience using the product mentioned in this blog. I want to share the things I love with other parents simply because we are all in this together. As with anything when caring for a newborn baby, you should check with your doctor and monitor use of any product for allergic reactions.

Christine Founder/Owner
Christine Founder/Owner


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May 31, 2017

You make this sound so yummy! I will have to add to my baby shower gift list for certain. I just wanted to say how much I love your bags but I also love that you share so much beyond your bags and look forward to what you have for the future. Your Pinterest page has especially been super helpful with baby shower ideas and those yummy quick meals you post. I’ve definitely tried a few and with the cravings – I’ve eaten my fair share as well. Lol! Can’t wait to get the Brook and have my eye on Stef as well. Cheers!

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