Last Minute Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

by Christine Founder/Owner May 07, 2017 2 Comments

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Mother's Day


Here’s a last minute gift guide for all you husbands, sons, friends and well…everyone that wants to honor a beautiful mom in their life.  These unique, and yet not so unique list of ideas from inexpensive to ridiculous over kill that I would never EVER say no too, should help get your creative juices flowing. 😊



Let’s get started…


Flowers.  I know, you’re thinking “how cliché” but not when it’s done incredibly right.  My favorite go to florist and curator of gifts is Los Angeles based  They have to - die - for arrangements and gift boxes that are exquisitely thoughtful and luxe in every way imaginable.  Buy her a bouquet and add a scrumptious box of Bottega Louie Macaron or, a super fun box of their adorable and yummy Kawaii Donuts.  Almost too cute to eat!  And if you want to up the ante, sign up for a subscription of gifts that arrive monthly, every other month or schedule a few until the end of the year starting with Mother’s Day.  Getting a surprise that was picked out by you showing up at my door on some random day will make my heart skip a beat.  Anything from is guaranteed to give you huge brownie points without draining your wallet.  I call that - Winning!


Mothers day gift flower arrangements gifts for mom   





An honest to God real date night.  A great restaurant, with some amazing ambiance and a place that I can actually hear what you are saying when we talk.  Need some ideas?  Click HERE for the Most Romantic Restaurants in America.  If restaurants aren’t really your thing, how about roasting marshmallows by a bonfire on the beach, or, take her to one of your favorite spots when you were dating.  Date night doesn’t need to be on Mother’s Day but a day shortly afterward, and INKED in on the calendar, is 100% fine and typically better.  It gives us something to look forward to and perks me up for days.





This one is fun.  Do a scavenger hunt around the house with some of my favorite things.  Just be sure to make a list of where everything is hidden so you don’t tear the house apart wondering where the diamond necklace or the 2LB box of See’s Candies is.  (Hint: Best candy ever!)  Now this would be a blast!  The whole family can get involved giggling while they see me trying to figure out the clues you all created! 



A couple’s spa day.  Again, not cliché.  Yes we do want to go to a spa with you and just relax and enjoy without kids screaming at us in the process.  We want to relive life before kids even though we love our offspring beyond words.  Us time is a good time and we dream about it.  Do a quick Google or Yelp search to find the best day spas in your area and do a quick scan of their reviews to make sure it fits your needs.  Not all spas are created equal. 





A comedy show.  There is nothing better than sharing laughter together.  Makes for amazing memories.  So, check out the local comedy hot spots, get those tickets and have a blast!  BTW…One of our favorites that we have seen and love is Joe Koy.  He will have you in stitches and often talks about family life.  He is one not to be missed if he’s ever in your hood.



A concert.   Let's go to a concert where the band plays music that I would love to share with you.  And definitely get me a shirt even if I say no because that shirt will be my favorite and worn until it looks like moths attacked it.  I still have all of mine and I cherish them.  Sigh…great memories every time I put one on.  We all know how that feels.  If you live in Los Angeles, Hollywood Bowl is a favorite no matter what the concert is.  Even the cheap seats are great. Best venue around!


Hollywood Bowl Outdoor Concerts     Hollywood Bowl Image



Scrap the store bought card.  Homemade is where it’s at.  Pinterest has tons of great ideas that are easy to make.  My husband made me a card one year early on in our relationship and he has made them ever since and I absolutely them.  I have kept them all and one of the little tags he made is in my wallet.  On tough days, I look at it, I take a deep breath and move forward knowing my family is what matters at the end of the day.  From the heart is where it’s at and the fact that you put in the effort to make something so special means the world to me.



Wine/Beer tasting excursion.  And I’ll leave the details on this one to you.  But make it cool.  Got it?  Temecula, Paso Robles, Sonoma, Napa or a local “Hot Spot” tasting room.  The skies the limit with this one and you can’t go wrong.  Let’s be adults for a moment and enjoy it too.  Take a few bottles home while you’re at it so you can share over a romantic dinner for 2 one evening.  This link should help you get your research started.  TOP 20 WINE BARS     TOP BEER BARS


Romantic date night wine tasting sonoma wine date     Wine Tasting Winery Date Night Cheers



For the outdoorsy types.  A yoga retreat.  Hiking at a new destination out of the area. Windsurfing lessons.  Rock climbing. Biking.  Get out and experience nature period.  Bring a picnic or find some great little local places to eat launch and/or dinner with on your nature date.  Having an adventure together is the key here and if it’s something neither of you have done yet then that makes the experience even better.   We love memories like these and we will talk about it for years.  So pick a trail and get lost for a little bit.  (not literally though, figuratively.)  Google and Yelp your local spots for reviews and pictures.  Have a blast!


 Top Hiking Spots Hiking Destinations     Yoga Retreat Image



ART.  Color Me Mine or another place that allows you to custom paint a ceramic item is never a fail.  Well, unless It breaks then that’s a bummer.  But, I’m telling you it will be a blast if you have a young child that can paint and they will be so excited at the final masterpiece that both of you made for me.  And A Big Double score.  You now created a memory with your child/children while making something I will absolutely love.  A little side note:  Don’t strive for perfection.  Imperfections make it unique and better so just have fun with it!  If ceramics aren’t possible or maybe aren’t your thing, get a small canvas and paint me a picture.  You can also use your finger prints to create hearts, trees and cute little creatures.  Pinterest is a great resource for ideas on this.  Can’t go wrong with either of these ideas.  This will make my heart gush.


Mothers Day Gift DIY Painting for mom    Color Me Mine Mothers Day Gift



FOOD.  They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  Well, guess what, it’s the same for women and maybe even more so.  We love a man that will cook for us, even if it’s not great, we still love it.  So…a brunch date at home and heck, invite those we love and make it a family/friend Potluck Barbeque shindig.  (Note:  Mom’s are NOT allowed to cook or make anything.  Give her a kiss, tell her to hang out and enjoy.)  Us women will do what we do best - bond and catch up with each other’s lives and for the bonus points…the men get to hang out and the kids get to wear themselves out running around after each other.  Such a fun day for all!  PS…don’t forget to do the dishes and clean up as that will get you extra kudos for days on end….



For new moms and family travel - a cee cee & ryan diaper bag is never a bad gift.  They are fashionable, chic, functional and gorgeous per the reviews we get.  Aside of being chic, all of the bags have a side for mom’s things and a side for baby’s things with oodles of pockets and ample space.  It’s like having Clark Kent in diaper bag form.  Yep, the super bag of bags!  And…If you want to make it extra special you can put secret little gifts in the pockets for her to find. 






And now for the MOTHERLOAD – hold on tight as they are EXTRAVEGANT…


Jewelry.  It’s true.  I LOVE bling and have no problem stacking it up where I can.  Add a band of sparkly gems onto the ring finger.  Diamond earrings or a precious gem pendant necklace or bracelet.  Black Diamonds, Garnets and Pink Amethyst are my favorites.  Colorful gems are often just as good if not better than a diamond depending on the piece of jewelry.  BUT...if she doesn’t have a diamond yet, I would HIGHLY recommend starting there.  Every girl must have a diamond beyond the engagement ring.  And PS…make sure you know what type of cut she likes.  Square, Drop, Round, etc…


For those of you who can afford it…I’m gonna say it and I would just seriously die…Maserati Ghibli!  Yes…I said it.  And it felt ssssoooooo good.  A mom can dream of this beautiful beast can’t she?  Gone are the days of the mini-van driving moms.  We want our chariot to be fabulous and this is forever a red carpet ready beauty.  If not a Maserati then a beautiful chariot that matches my beauty will work. 


A romantic 3 or 4 day weekend getaway is a horrible gift.  Said no one EVER in humanities existence.  You will have me smiling ear to ear for a very long time and bragging about you like nobody’s business.   A quaint little bed and breakfast tucked away from city life is just what we need to regenerate our mind and our body after running at warp speed for months on end.  We both deserve it and it will get us having fun with no eyes, no guilt trips and no judgments.  Want some ideas?  Click Here.


A trip abroad. For those moms that are not hover moms like me (I know…bad on me to a certain degree) and feel comfortable leaving their child or children with certain responsible adults for an extended time…a week abroad is a to die for gift.  Italy, Paris, Croatia, Spain, Santorini (ohhhhh…Santorini) and the list goes on.  Now this is PERFECT so long as she’s not the type to fret over the kids 24/7 then that would be a deal breaker.  But to get you started, here is the Conde Naste list of the best getaway spas in the world and they are ridiculous.  Personally, I am adding them all to my bucket list!  Gotta’ dream big!


Diamond Mothers Day Gifts Jewelry          Top Spas getaway spots images     Maserati Ghibli Mothers Day Gift



But at the end of the day....

Regardless of this list, 9 times out of 10 she has dropped subtle hints of things she’s looked at or has been thinking about doing “one of these days.”  BUT - IGNORE THE HOUSEHOLD ITEMS SHE SAYS SHE NEEDS.  DO NOT PURCHASE AS A GIFT.  I REPEAT, DO - NOT - PURCHASE.  Tune in to her when she speaks and the answers are there.  Gifts that are given with thought are the ones we remember forever and often it’s more simple than you think.  Memories are what most of us love and cherish.  We are girls…nostalgic and thoughtful in our actions.  I little goes a long way with us and no matter what you do to show us your love on Mother’s Day we will cherish it more than you will ever know.  And seriously, for those of you with little ones, all the moms at drop off will be drooling over you the next time they see you because I will have gushed to them just how amazing you are!





Founder/Owner of cee cee & ryan diaper bags  ~  mom to an amazing boy  ~  wife to a pretty rad husband


Christine Founder/Owner
Christine Founder/Owner


2 Responses

Confidential Dad
Confidential Dad

May 11, 2017

Clever list. My sister forwarded it to me and there are some great ideas. The florist you recommend on here is incredible! Plus the out of town suggestion is definitely a go. Glad I read it. Great job. Now please tell all our wives we want the Maserati for Father’s Day. Thanks.

Joanne S.
Joanne S.

May 08, 2017

This is an amazing and a great time of a list! Loved reading it. Forwarding to my husband in the hopes that he’ll get me a Maserati too! LOL. But I agree, the thoughtful gifts are the best of them all. I cherish them as well. Happy Mother’s day!

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