Father’s Day Gift Ideas | Unique, Fun and Luxe

by Christine Founder/Owner June 08, 2017

Father’s Day Gift Ideas  |  Unique, Fun and Luxe


No sooner has Mother’s Day passed when Father’s Day is upon us. Goodness!  We are still reeling over our amazing Mother’s Day and now we have to snap back to reality.  So, we’ve taken a few moments to conjure up some unique and wonderful ideas for the amazing dad’s in your life. 


Let’s start with the fashion savvy man who is always put together even when he’s in those darn holy sweat pants he can’t seem to part with from his college days.  It’s time for him to let them go.  And Let’s be serious, men love pampering just as much as us gals do only they aren’t so vocal about it.  So give him the ultimate and surprisingly affordable experience.  Let me introduce you to J Hilburn a Made-To-Measure fashion service for men.  They are the future of retail which is here and now.  Never heard of them?  Well, let me get you familiar.  J.HIlburn offers, custom made-to-measure shirts, personalized suits, sport coats, trousers, and formal wear.  A representative will come to the lucky guys home or office at no extra charge…ever…to discuss his ideal fit, be measured and pick fabrics from an incredible array of prints, solids and textures.  But the fun doesn’t stop there.  They also have a complete collection of ready-to-wear clothing such as sweaters, polo shirts, t-shirts, outerwear, branded denim (ie, J Brand and AG Jeans) and of course, accessories. Fabrics range in style from Liberty of London, Loro Piana to Zegna.  Be it your dad, husband, partner or friend – this gift is an experience that he will love and at a price that you won’t faint over.  (Think Nordstrom.)  For those of you living in Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange County, I highly recommend enlisting local stylist, Richard Luna.  He’s amazing, fun and will have dad looking ridiculously handsome.  You can reach Richard here.

Mens Apparel Fathers day Gift


To continue with the pampering theme.  A Massage.  Yes, men love it as much as us women do.  Why wouldn’t they?  It feels amazing, relaxing and temporarily gets rid of those horrid knots.  There are amazing day spas in every town and city across the nation.  Yelp is always helpful to locate the best in your area as is Google.  But definitely read reviews and look at the pricing for specials, pampering packages or to ensure your booking isn’t the most absurd price you have ever paid.  But odds are you already have a few favorite spots.  A couple’s massage is a great way to relax and enjoy lounging around the spa together and gives you both some catch up time.  However, if massage time is me time, and you don’t want him tagging along for your relaxing down time in the future, do not get him a gift at your favorite spot.  Just saying… Me time is Me time.


Massage places fathers day massage gift day spa




Pampering aside.  One of the best gifts you could ever get a man is food.  And what is better than a food club that delivers it straight to their doorstep?  Nothing.  There are a handful to choose from but let me get you started on a few I love… 


Man Crates has got to be one of my favorites if not just for the name!  They offer so much more than grilling items.  From Coffee Crates and Boozy Crates to something for the Ramen Connoisseur to Outdoor Adventures and the Jerky Fanatics.  There are probably more options than you can dream of on this site and they are all thoughtfully amazing!  You will not be disappointed and neither will the dad in your life. 






For the man that masters the barbeque like nobody’s business and enjoys luxury meats.  (Yes, I said Luxury Meats.)  Chicago Steak House is a meat lover’s dream! They have everything from burgers to chicken, pork, ribs, filet mignon and surf n’ turf.  From single servings to their “Ultimate Grilling Assortment” which is where I would start for beef lovers with a side of chicken. 





BACON!!!  Every man, well most people love bacon.  At the mere sound of the word, mouths water and suddenly we’re on a mission to get a bacon fix.  Well, I have a couple of fun places you can turn to for some thick gourmet butcher shop bacon. 


Bacon Scouts is a small business that is passionate about providing you with the best in gourmet bacon, bratwursts, polish sausage, and snack sticks from some of America’s best butcher shops. They offer clubs and single packs to be delivered. 


Another one to check out is Bacon Freak.  These guys have a plethora of goodies that all go back to bacon of course.  From pancakes and breakfast of the month club to sweets and believe it or not beverages.  These guys have some creative gift options for the cured meat cravers.  Skies the limit and so many things to try. YUM!


Note:  You should have any meats and other perishables delivered where it won’t be sitting on a doorstep waiting for someone to get home.  Might end up being an expensive meal for the cat next door.  Just saying…




For the sophisticated purveyor of fine adult beverages, I suggest a Wine of the Month Club or Craft Beer of the Month club. Here are some fabulous clubs you can check out: Tasting Room  is a unique club where you complete a profile, they send you small bottles to taste and based on your likes, the full bottles will be sent your way.  That’s my kind of club.  A few other options you might want to consider are Winc for small batch curated wines and Gold Medal Wine Club for nothing but award-winning vintages.  Or, you can pick your favorite winery and contact them for club opportunities or membership deals.  But alas, I cannot forget the man who enjoys his Craft Whiskey, Rum and Tequila.  For that, I have only one recommendation and that is Taster’s Club.  Curated and each crafted to perfection – these bottles will be cherished and savored. 




If he is an outdoorsy type, and most men are, we have some fun ideas for guys time, alone time or family time.  Either way, he will love you for it.  We thought of some non-traditional things to do outdoors that your laid back or dare devil man would love to try.  Kayaking - be it on the ocean, a lake or in a mildly rapid river will be a rush of a life time and may cause a new hobby for him.  Rock Climbing outdoors or a membership to a rock climbing gym is so much fun and an amazing full body work out.  Camping at a national park and Hiking excursions near or far are pretty much every man’s dream escape from day to day life.  A deep see fishing excursion, fly fishing lessons or just a day on the lake doing some catch and possibly release – depending on the rules. So, get creative and get outdoors.  Enjoy nature and breath in all the fresh air.  It does a mind good, a heart good and the experience will bring a lifetime of great memories.





This one is a fabulous, but will run you more than a few bucks.  A weekend of golf at Pebble Beach is, from what I hear, every man’s dream.  I’ve driven through it on the 17 Mile Drive in Monterey, California many times and it is an absolutely-stunning property.  It will be a weekend that goes down in history.  Plenty to do and see in Monterey so when the Golfing is finished for the day hit the town or just relax and enjoy the resort as you’ll want to soak up every second of it.  Oh, and just a hint, off season is much cheaper and look for deals.  I also hear rain checks do not exist at this resort so you may want to check when you make a reservation. 






And finally - A fast car!  If you have major money then buy it.  Or, if that’s not an option, you can rent him one to zip around in for a day or two.  How Fun would that be?!?!  Personally, I’d take that gift any day, especially if it’s a Maserati, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley or top of the line Mercedes Benz.  FUN!!!





Any way you look at it, Father’s Day is all about telling the important fathers in your life how much they mean to you.  Cooking a favorite homemade meal and a handmade card always makes my husband smile along with doing whatever he wants instead of doing what needs to be done.  You never have to spend a lot of money to let someone know just how much you love and appreciate them.  So, if your family is not into the lavish gifts or gifts at all, my go to is always Pinterest for unique and fun DIY ideas to celebrate the dads in your life. 


Hope this list sparked some ideas for you.  I wish you all a very Happy and Fun Father’s Day!




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Christine Founder/Owner
Christine Founder/Owner


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