As A Mom - It's The Small Things

by Christine Founder/Owner March 21, 2017

As A Mom - It's The Small Things

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For all you mom’s, dad’s, nana’s, grandpa’s…well ok, everyone, you just might thank me for this.  I don’t know about you but, ever since I became a mom my hands have never been drier in my entire life.  And it’s not just the ever-changing shift in weather (which doesn’t help).  It’s because I have never washed my hands and cleaned so many dishes in my entire life!  From the time our son was born, my husband and I have changed thousands of diapers, given countless baths, prepared foods and drinks, cleaned up countless spills and don’t get me started on cleaning the drooled on chewed on toys.  All of these things, and plenty more, cause you to wash your hands frequently.  It’s no wonder why they become dry, cracked, bleeding at times and just plain painful.  I’m embarrassed to let people see my hands and in turn it doesn’t make me feel all that put together. 


I had the fortunate opportunity to meet the Savannah Bee Company team. They have an incredible selection of body products and the most delicious honeys you have ever tasted.  But I must tell you about a few of their body products that are TO. DIE. FOR.  Honey has tremendous healing properties and discovered that it has more than I ever thought.  Enter their Beeswax Hand Cream.  Before I tried it, my hands were so dry and by the end of the first day using Savannah Bee I could see my skin transforming into the skin I used to know and missed so much.  The kind where your husband holds your hand and finds himself rubbing the top of your hand with his thumb because it’s so soft.  Yep, that kind of skin.  By day two my hands looked amazing and I was no longer embarrassed to show them.  Needless to say, my jar of hand cream goes where we go.  But it doesn’t stop here. 


savannah bee hand cream


They also have a Royal Jelly Body Butter that comes in three options (Original Formula, Tupelo Honey and Sensitive Skin) and are all simply delicious.  Creamy without being greasy and with scents that are subtle and yummy.  To say that it is luxurious, amazing and soothing is an understatement.  Aside of how incredibly effective their Hand Cream and Body Butter are, did I mention their products are all natural?  YES!  You heard me right.  All Natural.  No chemicals added!  This is never ever a bad thing. 


Savannah Bee Body Butter


Savannah Bee Company has won this mom’s heart and gained a customer.  No more drugstore lotions for me and no more being frustrated with hand creams that never have lasting results.  Can’t brag enough about them and can’t wait to try more of their products. 


It’s funny how these little comforts in life make a busy mom feel whole again.




Founder/Owner of cee cee & ryan  ~  mom to an amazing boy  ~  wife to a pretty rad husband


Disclaimer:  This is not a paid advertisement and I was not asked to write on behalf of Savannah Bee Company.  These are my own view points based on my personal experience using the product mentioned in this blog.  I want to share the things I love with other parents simply because we are all in this together.

Christine Founder/Owner
Christine Founder/Owner


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