I’m Makin' My List and Checkin’ it Twice  | A Mostly Small Shop Gift Guide For Adults & Little's

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I’m Makin' My List and Checkin’ it Twice  |  A Mostly Small Shop Gift Guide For Adults & Little's


Yes, it's the most wonderful time of the year and ironically the most stressful too.  So, to help you all out, we are sharing some of our favorite gift ideas and shopping spots that are mostly small shops and offer fun unique finds.  Be sure to go to the end because that's where all the kid stuff is.  And please, feel free to get you one and us one of anything on here – we won’t argue.  :)

For dinner parties and gifting pretty much anyone on your list, our first stop is Wine Country.  The fires in Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino, destroyed so much in its path, it is really heartbreaking to see what the county has endured.  The upside is we all can help.  This is the gift that everyone loves and a huge plus…it gives back.  How?  Well, every bottle you can purchase from the wineries below, quickly puts money back into their business so they can rebuild.  Many of these vinters have warehouses with stock from the previous harvests so the more we buy up that stock the quicker they and their staff can get back to work full speed.  I say Happy Holidays and a CHEERS to that!


Darioush Winery

Hagafen Cellars 

Helena View Johnston Vineyards

Mayacamas Vineyards

Paras Vineyard

Patland Estate Vineyards

Pulido-Walker’s Estate Vineyard

Robert Sinskey Vineyards  

Roy Estate  

Signorello Estate Vineyards 

Sill Family Vineyards 

Stags’ Leap Winery 


William Hill Estate Winery 


Ancient Oak Cellars

Chateau St. Jean

Gundlach Bundschu Winery

Nicholson Ranch

Paradise Ridge Winery

Sky Vineyards


Backbone Vineyard & Winery

Frey Vineyards

Golden Vineyards

Oster Wine Cellars

Moving right along this little shopping delight…more fun go to’s for the Adults.  Because we deserve gifts after chasing crazy minis all day, cleaning up mounds of messes, diaper changing - gag, dog walking, food making, late night store runs and basically running around like a chicken without our heads.  Anyway….on to happier thoughts.  Here are a handful of suggestions I highly suggest taking a look at for unique and special items.

Ace Rivington  Men can be so hard to shop for.  But not anymore!  This brand for men has the coolest looks for the hip dad.  Well heck, any male that walks this planet looks awesome in their clothing.  Denim done right and shirts to match with accessories paired up to perfection.  Pull a look together for the man in your life and he will not be disappointed.  And neither will you.  There’s something about a man that’s dressed just right.  Made in the USA, this amazing small shop has an online store and an uber cool store in Santa Barbara - 1114 State St., #25.  So when in town be sure to pop in and say hey to Beau if he's there.  He is the denim man and knows his stuff.  Plus he’s just super cool.  Oh and don’t forget to check out all the fun stocking stuffer gifts they have.  I am going to go broke in this shop but I will have fun doing it! 

Ace Rivington Men Christmas Gifts Holiday Shopping Small Shop Made in the USA      Stocking Stuffer Ace Rivington Christmas Gift Holiday Gift Shop Small Local   Comfy Cozy Throw Blanket Christmas Gift Made in the USA Ace Rivington   Mens Clothing Holiday Gift Ace Rivington Made in the USA   Ace Rivington Fashion For Men Made in the USA   Ace Rivington mens Store Santa Barbara Holiday gifts for men Made in the USA

Soul Kitchen Keepsakes is an amazing keepsake company that can take notes, recipes and images of your fondest memories that mean the world to you and transfer them onto a ceramic dish.  My FAVORITE is the casserole dish with a family recipe written in the bottom.  Such a cool and meaningful way to hand down a recipe to family members.  Or, take the first drawing your child made of the two of you and put it on a plate or a coffee mug.  We all have notes, recipes, drawings or just moments that we’d love to see everyday and this is one way to make it happen.  This is the gift that will be cherished and will always bring a smile to anyone's face.  It's the ultimate heart string gift for sure.

 Keepsake Gift Recipe Casserole Dish Small Shop Gifts   Pie Baking Dish Keepsake   keepsake ornaments    coffee mug keepsake   flower vase keepsake   keepsake plate



Family Photo Session  If you live in the Los Angeles area, trust me on this one.  A Photography session is an amazing gift for anyone and my personal favorite is Diana Feil https://www.dianafeil.com/.  She does some beautiful work and have never seen a bad picture produced by her yet.  Even the outtakes are ridiculously cute!  Added bonus, she's super fun and full of life.  And if you don't live in the Los Angeles area, do a little research and find a great photographer that specializes in family.  This gift is perfect for you or someone you know that would love to capture some beautiful family moments to cherish forever.  You will be thankful you booked a session or purchased one for someone you love.  And in turn they are going to love you for it, for like…forever!  So get ready to be pummeled with hugs! 



Plum Prints is literally the coolest way to archive all of your child’s artwork in a beautiful hard bound book.  This is the gift idea that you can keep for generations to come.  Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, BFF's, will cherish it.  Although their deadline to get books printed for Holiday Gifting is December 1st, HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean you can’t get someone a gift card.  And now that you know this amazing company exists, it makes for a fabulous and sentimental birthday gift or other special occasion gift for the people in your life.  They will cherish your little's art or even your art for years to come.  These books are a keeper!



Happyluxe.com makes the most amazing luxury travel items.  Their eye masks are incredible and made right.  Meaning they are super soft, block the light and don’t leave those ridiculous dents on your face.  I can personally attest to this.  Plus at the end of a long flight I just pull it straight up on my head and it looks like a headband.  No more messy hair don't care for this gal!  They also have a wrap that doubles as a blanket for plane rides to keep you nice and warm.  And an added bonus…a pocket for a heat activated warmer that comes with the wrap for those chilly flights or chilly nights.  They also have these super comfy travel pillows that are perfect for all your travel destinations.  From planes and hotels to car rides.  No more using those nasty recycled pillows and blankets that the airlines now want you to pay for. I know….it’s ridiculous.  Pretty soon peanuts will cost you.  Anyway, before I forget to mention….all of their products are made in the USA and out of the softest cotton modal fabric that is also sustainable for those of you who like eco-conscious products.  They make for great gifts and great for you too! 



Barnes & Noble  I LOVE books and I give the gift of books whenever I can.  B&N may be a brick and mortar but with most of the competition gone in this space, this good ol’ book store has stood the test of time and almost feels like a small shop once again.  So let's keep the art of reading alive and give the gift of words.  Stories keep the imagination in motion.  For kids, my all-time favorite book is The Phantom Tollbooth.  A book so amazing you will read it over and over again with or without your little.  The other one is Wonder which everyone should read no matter the age.  Wonder is so inspiring and heart warming and a story that all of us can embrace. Then there are Picture Books.  There are so many amazing ones out there but my sons favorites are the How Do Dinosaurs series, The Day The Crayons Came Home, What Do You Do With An Idea and Those Darn Squirrels.  For young readers, we love The Notebook of DoomEerie Elementary and of course A to Z Mysteries series.  For Adults there are too many options to name.  But some of my favorites are Big Little Lies, Little BeeInto the Water and a sort of oldie and one that has stuck with me over the years is, She's Come Undone.  I also read quite a bit of business books so if you are interested in my favs, message me on social or drop me an email at info@ceeceeandryan.com and the crew will make sure I get it and I will respond.

Savannah Bee Company has the BEST Bees Wax Hand Cream to cure dry and weather abused skin.  Hands that are cracked and bleeding meet your enemy!  You will not win this battle!  I kid you not.  And their lip balms are to die for as is their body butter.  Super Scrumptious.  Wait, there's more...  If you like honey, they have the best out there and I highly recommend their whipped honey's.  When I have a sweet tooth I eat a spoonful of their Lemon Whipped Honey or Chocolate Whipped Honey.  They are so delicious and healthy!  If you follow us you already know how much we rave about their products.  Think stocking stuffers and small gifts that give big.  This mom pop business is one not to be missed.  You’re welcome in advance. 😊


Gifts.com may not fall in the category of Small Shop per se, but it is a fabulous online store that has so many great little and big gift ideas for anyone you have on your list.  Plus, it’s not nearly as time consuming and frustrating as Amazon.  I would venture to say that you will find something for even the hardest person you have to shop for.  It's a great go to to find gifts for the person that has everything. 

 Beer Growler Gifts for Him Holiday gifts for men   For the man who has everything Mens Gift Stocking Stuffer   Ultimate Backpack for men or women Holiday Gift Wine backpack picnic   Monogram Personalized Candles   Personalized Wine Glasses Fun Wine Glass Holiday Wine Gift   Wall Photo Holders Frames Gifts for grandparents 


So aside of these gems for adults there is always CASH (Who would say no to that?), gift cards for a favorite clothing store, sports gear, diamonds and jewels, the hand bag of the moment, a leather wallet or even a day spa with mani and pedi included.  You can never go wrong with any of these items. But I have to say, some of my favorite places to shop are those fun little unique ones that carry things you won’t find everywhere.  Why go mainstream when you can support small and get things that will make others stop and say…"ooohhhh where did you get that?”   Now those, I love!


Babies, Toddlers and Kids, Oh My!  Which is pretty much why holiday gift giving exists wouldn’t you say?  Here are our all-time favorite shops. Every post that pops up in their Instagram feeds takes us back to our child hood and all we want to do is play with toys and dolls all day long.  But, alas, that does not pay the bills.  So we must adult and get back to work so we can give our little's the toys we secretly want under the tree and in our stockings.  In case you couldn't tell, we are big kids at heart over here.

Trendy Mom Designs is a unique and seriously ADORABLE teething jewelry line.  UGH…wish they were around when my little guy was teething.  I kid you not, he would chomp on anything he could get his hands on like a starving vampire beaver.  Go figure that he was also born on Halloween.  These would have been PERFECT for his aching little gums.  I love how adorable and practical the designs are.  From woodland critters to cookies and pineapples, to colorful pearl style necklaces.  They make for great gifts and perfect for the ol’ stockings on the mantel.  The mommies with teething little ones will love you to pieces for these fabulous little teethers.



Cuddle + Kind  Oh. My. Gosh. And we say that with a squeal.  These are the cutest and sweetest little animal pals your little princess or prince will ever love.  Well, stuffed ones at least - the real ones they probably love more.  But these little bundles of cuteness make us so happy and want to gift them all to everyone.  And…even better, these dolls give back.  For every doll purchased 10 meals are donated to those in need.  How awesome is that?!  We love gifts that give!  We love buying from Small Shops to support their dreams and quite honestly…the quality is typically far superior than the name brands that pepper us with ads and over stuffed shelves during the holiday season.  We love this brand!



Happy Lab Toys  Handmade beauties so unique that you have to see them for yourself.  Her dolls are fairy tale nostalgia at its finest with the most girliest and adorable style.  She makes two sizes – Regular and Mini’s.  But, fair warning she sells out fast and when I say fast I mean get your alert going on your social feed so you get her post when her new creations are available in her store.  Or, you can always reach out and commission her to make you a doll which might be a little less stressful.  Also…she is based in the Ukraine so it is important to buy soon as shipping to the US takes 10 to 14 business days. Either way, here dolls make for the perfect gift anytime of the year.


Plan Toys  For a broader range of toys that lets the imagination play and are geared toward child development, this company has some pretty awesome toys.  Sustainable wood toys that are creative, fun and serve a purpose.  This company is extraordinarily dynamic and one to support on many levels.  I met them about 5 years ago and they are such great people with huge hearts.  They offer an array of toys for many ages and what I love even more about them is they include toys that assist children with learning issues Including pre-brail and sign language aids.  How cool is that?  Check them out and happy shopping at this one of a kind store.  



Seven White Rabbits  This little Etsy.com Gem of a shop makes the cutest reindeer and woodland creature head bands ever!  Perfect for your holiday celebrations and birthday parties year round!  But even better this small shop owner makes everything for the little's imagination to run wild and free.  Which we love.  Beautifully made capes that let your child pretend to be a unicorn, a dinosaur, a lady bug or a mermaid and so much more.  She also has great items for adults to fill those stockings like, head bands, cloth lunch and dinner napkins for the eco conscious, super cool pot holders.  She had me at pot holders as those are not easy to make cool and she has found a way. So many fun items to choose from, so little time…tick tock.  That tree and those stockings will need to be filled before you know it. 



GeekWrapped.com has got to be the ultimate in search engine shopping guide and a great place for narrowing down super cool sciency (I know that’s not a real word) stuff that you can think of.  Science Kits that make the perfect gifts for kids who are curious and intrigued with all things space, biology, physics, chemistry, engineering and some really cool unique gifts that you don’t see everywhere.  Then there is their shopping guide link for everything from Sushi Knives to a Darth Vader Toaster.  This site is seriously uber cool and very user friendly.  Made for online shoppers that dread digging through the pages of Amazon, like me, this search engine does that for you.

cee cee & ryan.  Of course, we save the best for last.  We have to plug our own small shop right?  Playwear made for playdates with a hint of vintage and a twist of hipster in fun contemporary prints is what makes our collection of fashion for little's unique, casual and trendy in a world of its own.  Our kids clothing is made with a little extra room so your child won’t grow out of it overnight and is proudly made in the USA.   So pop in and grab an outfit or two.  Your little one will be looking super chic as you hop around town.  And for the moms that want a stylish designer diaper bag, we have some beautiful options to pick from.  All of our bags have oodles of pockets and the best part is one side is for mom’s things and the other is for the little one’s things. 

And it doesn’t stop there.  Bet you didn’t know this, but, we give…for every sale we make in our shop, a percentage of that sale will go to the purchase of diapers, wipes and other hygiene items for the Texas Diaper Bank.  Never heard of them?  They are such a worthy cause to support.  They supply the necessities to families and the elderly that can’t afford certain hygiene items.  And during times of crisis, like those nasty horrid Hurricanes that hit us here in the US this year, they are there and rallying to supply diapers, depends, wipes and other items for those in need, and personally, should never have to go without. Fact: The US Government does not allocate a single penny toward these items, even in times of crisis, and our neighbors rely on the generosity of all of us to help them through times of need.



And the Grand Finale of Gifts…A tray of homemade COOKIES!!!  Yes please!!!  People love homemade treats and the amount of time and love put into a gift like this is talked about all year round.  And they will ask if you're making them again this year and wait with anticipation.  Yes, I am going to brag, my cookies never fail and I do them every year - for years.  I might just post the cookies that everyone goes nuts over in another post.  Maybe a recipe exchange? Yes? The added plus to making holiday cookies is you get so sick of smelling sweets in your home that you don’t eat any junk food and therefore don’t put on those dreaded extra holiday pounds. It’s my secret little trick.  Wink wink… 

So to make a long story short, and I could make this very long, this season support small, give meaningfully and above all celebrate life, share love with your family, your friends and just take a deep breath and soak it all in.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and Happy Holidays from our family to yours.  Be safe and enjoy!



Founder & Owner of cee cee & ryan

Mom to an incredible little boy - wife to a pretty rad husband.


Christine Founder/Owner
Christine Founder/Owner


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December 04, 2017

Love some of these ideas. In particular the wine purchases to help with the Sonoma Fires. Great way to help all the vineyards that were affected.
Actually I love a lot of these ideas and know many people that will be really happy this Holiday Season! Thank you for sharing your favorites. Love your store by the way. Merry Christmas!


December 03, 2017

Love this so much!!!❤️Thanks for this!!! We need a Cee cee and ryan romper under our tree this year!! They are our fav!!

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