Mother’s Day Gifts Moms Actually Want

by cee cee & ryan May 04, 2018

Mother’s Day Gifts Moms Actually Want

by Megan Rowsey, Founder of

Let’s be honest, shall we? 

On the whole, the male of our species are not always the best at giving gifts.  He waits until the last minute, scrambles for something – anything, and before you know it you are tearing away wrapping paper to discover a hand vacuum.  Yes, honey, you’re right, I had a hand vacuum on my Amazon wishlist. No, I did not expect you to buy that for me as a birthday gift. It was more of a reminder to myself that a hand vac might be useful. Pro tip: Create a secret Amazon Wishlist that only YOU see for items like that!

In our house, we’ve basically gotten to the point where I send a text saying I would like something and my husband says, “happy (insert next holiday)”.  For example, “There’s a really great deal on laser hair removal. What do you think?” I say.  “Happy Easter!” he responds.  It’s super romantic. But I get some great gifts!

And lest I come off as ungrateful, my husband is very generous. That’s not even an issue.  I just think in general men have trouble with finding gifts that women actually want. Usually, they don’t plan ahead, and then freak out and start grabbing anything that resembles an adequate gift.

We’re here to rescue you this Mother’s Day!  Just subtly send this article to your partner and say, “Oh, how funny that she got a Dust Buster as a gift!” That will plant the seed that Mother’s Day is coming and he should get his booty in gear!  And then drop not-so-subtle hints about what you would like from the list. Okay, let’s get to the fun stuff!

What Mama’s Really Want

Homemade gifts

Homemade mother's day gift
Look at that tiny hand!

We are suckers for handmade gifts from our children.  Oh, how the tears well up whenever my son comes home with a Mother’s Day craft from school.  They really are the best gifts. So if your child is home with you and you don’t have saintly preschool teachers taking handprints and writing tear-jerking poems, maybe your spouse can make that happen.  Or have him enlist the help of the grandparents to deal with any glitter.

DO make it clear that you do not want a handmade gift from your spouse unless he is a jewelry maker or a chocolatier!

The Gifts that Keep On Giving

Subscription Boxes are seriously so much fun! If you google anything you are interested in, I can bet that there is a subscription box for it.  Dog lover? check! Crystal connoisseur? Random, but check! Here are a few that look super fun for moms:

FabFitFun  – You’ve likely seen ads all over the place for this one but it does look pretty exciting and maybe includes things you wouldn’t normally splurge on.  The items are full size and range from beauty, to jewelry, to fitness, to makeup and much more. It’s been described as like being a kid opening presents on Christmas morning. The prices range from $49.99 for one box to the annual subscription (4X per year) for $179.99.  Try promo code YAY to get the first box for $29.99.

Birchbox – One of the OG subscription boxes! I have received this as a gift and given it many times. Who wouldn’t like to go to the mail and find all sorts of beauty products?  Especially for the mommy who has trouble finding the time to take care of herself.  This is just a bit of luxury that comes every month. It’s also very affordable at $30 for 3 months of boxes!



Le Tote – I used Le Tote for quite a while when I was working full-time and I’d love to start using it again. It’s basically like (old-school) Netflix but for clothes.  You have a queue where you put clothes and accessories you’re interested in wearing and when you return clothing, they will send you something from your queue.  If you love it, you can buy it at a discount.  Now if you’re skeeved out by wearing something that someone else has worn before, this is not for you.  But I’ve had two boys, so hardly anything grosses me out anymore. And I know that they take great care of the clothes and everything is cleaned before it’s sent to me. It’s so fun to try new things, wear it and then return it and wait for your new arrival.  Look online for a coupon code for your first order, but normally it runs about $60/month for your tote.


Me Time!  Pamper Us!

Mani/Pedi – Go get her a gift card for a mani/pedi at her favorite local place.  Add the extra massage option if you want bonus points. Better yet, surprise her on Mother’s Day and have one already scheduled for her so she can relax on this day!

Massage spa

Massage or Spa Day – My husband made up for the hand vac by giving me an AMAZING gift card to Burke Williams, which is a high-end spa where I live.  I got to do ALL. THE. THINGS!  Hot tub, sauna, steam room, massage, and mani/pedi.  It was a glorious day where I put my phone away and just relaxed.  If that breaks the budget, find a local foot massage place and get a gift card for her.  The places around me are $30 for an hour and they do shoulders and back, as well as feet.  It’s fantastic.  And if you really are tight on cash, give her a coupon for a massage by you!  Don’t let the kids do this, though.  They stink at giving massages.

Coupon for an Afternoon OFF – Make a pretty card and have the kids decorate it.  Tell her she get’s to go spend an afternoon doing whatever she wants…which pretty much means slowly browsing the aisles of Target with a Starbucks.  Maybe include the $5 Starbucks gift card for good measure.

A surprise brunch with girlfriends – Brunch is this thing that girlfriends get to do before they have kids.  It involves lots of mimosas and laughing.  If you are ambitious and want to plan something fun for the mom in your life, reach out to her girlfriend’s spouses and arrange for them to have brunch.


Fun Times with our Partner!


Ticket to go see a Concert or a Show – Experience gifts are so great!  We get oftentimes get in a mama-rut and it’s fun to go do something out on the town.  Is her favorite artist coming to town?  Buy concert tickets!  You’ll have fun too!  Or find a comedy club.  Check out Goldstarto see if there are any fun local events that you can get at a discount. They have everything from Cirque-du-Soleil to Comedy shows to sporting events, and all at a discount.

Wine Tasting – If you have any local wineries, plan an afternoon of wine tasting and relaxing.

A Fun Event in your Local Area – As mentioned above, you can find all sorts of things to do on Goldstar, or check out Facebook Local for events coming up.  I also love doing cheesy things with the kids like Medieval Times but you have to know the mom.  That may not be her jam, so make sure you’re thinking of her first!

Target Options

Y’all know my obsession with Target.  Don’t miss my Love Letter to Target that I wrote around Valentines Day.  Most of the time, my husband takes my boys to go pick something out as a present for me the day before any holiday.  Maybe steer them in the direction of a few of the items below.  Even better let him ask for the kid’s input and they can just order online and get it in 2 days if you have a REDCard.

Target Beauty Boxes!  – Just like above, but you can order a beauty box for only $7!  There are several featured boxes if you scroll down including a Wakeup and Makeup box, Be YOU(tiful) Box, and an All The Masks Box.  Each one is $7 and a fun sampler for you to try out new products!

Target Beauty Box™ Treat Yourself
Target Beauty Box™ Treat Yourself

Marble Jar Candle – Give us something pretty that makes us feel relaxed.  This candle is so classic.  If you want something with more of a pop of color for spring, I also love this one.

Target Marble Candle

Yoga or Pilates Enthusiasts will love a bright and cheery new Yoga Mat.  Pair that with a class pass to your local studio or a new Yoga DVD and you’re set!

yoga Mat
Stretch out the stress!

Something girly and cozy – I love this Faux Fur Throw.  Especially in a house like mine that’s overflowing with boys, treat her to something feminine.

Faux Fur Pink Throw
So cozy!


If she loves COFFEE  This french press is SO pretty!  Who wouldn’t want coffee out of this thing??  Add some gourmet flavored coffee for a little special kick. OR, I’m obsessed with this Ninja Coffee Bar.  No more trips to Starbucks with this bad boy!

Copper French Press
So Elegant!


Hunter for Target – Grab these while you can! I love these adorable rain boots. And if you haven’t seen my post on some of my favorites from this line, check it out!

Hunter for Target Women's Waterproof Ankle Boots - Pink
Gotta love a pink boot!


Accessories – You can pick up this classic stone necklace or if you have an adventurous mama who is into trends, pick up some fun tassel earrings.  But you have to know her style!  Otherwise, don’t go here!

classic stone necklace


Fun Graphic Tees  I’m a Mom, What’s Your Super Power? Tee. Perfect Mother’s Day gift!  Or for matching shirt options, check out this adorable Tee for Mom with matching onesie for the baby or matching Kids.  Or if she is a Star Wars fan, this one is perfect for Moms.  Into Stranger Things, check out this shirt.  There are so many options for quirky and fun graphic tees at Target so think about what makes the mom in your life excited!



I hope I’ve given you some good ideas for ways to make the mom in your life feel special this Mother’s Day.  From things that don’t cost a dime to some splurges, just take a few minutes to think about that mama and what would make her feel especially loved!


A message from cee cee & ryan

Megan Rowsey is a mom and blogger that keeps us seriously entertained over here.  I mean check out her bio below... it says it all..... 

Hi there!  My name is Megan and I’m so happy you stopped by HFC!  I’m a wife and mom of 2 boys, so I’m surrounded by testosterone and fart jokes on the daily.  I love finding ways to laugh and help each other through this thing called motherhood.  Some of my other interests include singing, theater, fiercely competitive game nights, travel, pilates, and teaching my kids the fine art of sarcasm. Whether you’re looking for a heartfelt story or a funny confession, you’re in the right spot. Grab a mug and stay a while!

Want to read more from her just follow the link HERE and happy reading!  We know you're going to love her!  Oh and her Instagram feed is fabulous, check her out HERE.

Happy Mother's Day all you beautiful momma's!


cee cee & ryan

cee cee & ryan
cee cee & ryan


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